Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is FlexiList?

FlexiList is a web application that allows you to easily create your own custom list of students and customise the information you wish to track and collect for these students. It can be accessed via your mobile device and desktop. 

How is it different from Attendance-Taking App (ATA)?

ATA is specifically for taking daily school attendance of your students, whereas FlexiList can be used for purposes other than taking attendance, for example tracking homework submission, and more. 

How is it different from CCA Attendance-Taking App (CCA ATA)? 

CCA ATA is specifically for taking CCA attendance, whereas FlexiList can be used for purposes other than taking attendance, for example tracking the collection of club funds, and more. 

How is it different from Temperature-Taking App (TTA)? 

TTA is specifically for tracking the temperature of students, whereas FlexiList can be used for purposes other than temperature monitoring, for example tracking parents’ consent for a learning journey, and more. 

When do I use FlexiList? 

Use FlexiList for taking attendance of students for ad-hoc programmes including learning journeys, remedial classes, and camps. Other than attendance, it can be used flexibly to track and collect various information of your students, for example dietary preferences, t-shirt size, and more.   

Why use FlexiList over Excel sheets?

FlexiList’s advantage over Excel sheets is its mobile-friendliness. It allows you to conveniently mark attendance and collect information while on-the-go, without having to struggle with zooming in and out an Excel sheet on your mobile phone. Additionally, class list information is retrieved from School Cockpit so it is easy to add students to your list. 

Why use FlexiList over hard copy lists?

Instead of taking extra effort to locate and safe-guard your hard copy lists, FlexiList gives you the security of a centralised database for all your lists. The ability to add collaborators also means you need not pass hard copies around and can conveniently collaborate in real-time.   


Creating your lists 

What are the student groups that are available on FlexiList?

Your Form Class and other classes in your school are available on FlexiList. At the moment, Teaching Groups and CCA Sub-groups are not available. 

Can I create new student groups on FlexiList?

In this current version of FlexiList, creating groups is not available. However, you may create lists of custom students and duplicate each list for repeated uses. 


Using your lists 

Will FlexiList show the daily attendance of students? 

Yes! You will see the ‘Sun’ icon at the bottom right of the Attendance button, just like SC Mobile. Its colour indicates if the student was Unmarked (gray), Present (green), Absent – pending reason (red) or Absent – with reason (yellow).

Will the data collected in FlexiList be synced back to School Cockpit? 

The data collected in FlexiList will not be synced back to School Cockpit. 

I marked off my list using my mobile. How soon can I see the updates when viewing the list on desktop? 

You will see the updates instantaneously reflected on desktop. 


Managing your lists

I deleted one of my lists by mistake. How can I recover it? 

You will not be able to undo deleting the list. If you have deleted a list that is extremely important, you may try to contact us, and we may be able to retrieve it for you.

How long will my lists be available on FlexiList?

Your lists will be available as long as you do not delete them. 



When adding collaborators, what are the access rights that I can assign? 

You can assign your collaborator as either an editor or a viewer of the list. 

How is being an editor different from being the creator or owner of the list?

As an editor, you can input data into the list, and make edits to existing data, but will not be able to remove students and columns. You are able to rename, download and make a copy of the list, but will not be able to delete it.  

How is being a viewer different from being an editor of the list? 

As a viewer, you can only view the contents, but will not be able to input or edit any data. You are able to download and make a copy of the list, but will not be able to add other collaborators to the list. 

When I add collaborators to my list, how will they be informed? 

Collaborators will not be informed automatically when they are added, but you will be prompted to send them a link to the list via your preferred messaging platform. After you add your selected collaborators, a pop-up will appear at the bottom of the screen, enabling you to ‘Share link’. 

If two teachers with editing rights update the list at the same time, what will happen? 

If they are editing different parts of the list, changes will be updated once they save. If they are making changes to the same cells, the list will reflect the changes made by the teacher who saved last.

Can FlexiList handle a large number of collaborators editing the same list?

FlexiList has been load tested to be able to handle the school’s teachers editing the same list at once.


Data classification

What classification of data can FlexiList be used for?

FlexiList can process and store data up to Official (Closed) / Sensitive Normal.

Can I upload sensitive data to FlexiList?

As a general rule, FlexiList can process and store data up to Official (Closed) / Sensitive Normal. Still, it is important that schools ensure that any information collected on FlexiList is viewed only by authorised parties.