Why use FlexiList?

Create custom student list

Mobile friendly app that allows you to create student list for CCAs, remedials, parent-teacher-meetings and more .

Work together, remotely

Track, collect & share your student list with your colleagues, wherever you are.

Store in the cloud, securely

Never lose your namelist again. Collect & store student information securely on MOE servers.

No account setup

Simply login to your SC Mobile to access FlexiList.


You can use FlexiList for

Learning Journeys

Mark attendance, record locations and parents’ consent.

Remedial Classes

Mark attendance, collect homework, and jot down remarks.

Volunteering Activities

Mark attendance, assign roles and responsibilities.

Celebrations & Events

Mark attendance, track activities, and manage logistics.

and more...


Quick-start Guide to FlexiList

Create your list

Customise it

Want step-by-step guidance? 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the student groups that are available on FlexiList?

Your Form Class and other classes in your school are available on FlexiList. At the moment, Teaching Groups and CCA Sub-groups are not available. 

2. Can I create new student groups on FlexiList?

In this current version of FlexiList, creating groups is not available. However, you may create lists of custom students, and then duplicate each list for repeated uses. 

3. Will FlexiList show the daily attendance of students?

Yes! You will see the ‘Sun’ icon at the bottom right of the Attendance button, just like SC Mobile. Its colour indicates if the student was Unmarked (gray), Present (green), Absent – pending reason (red) or Absent – with reason (yellow).

4. Will the data collected in FlexiList be synced back to School Cockpit? 

The data collected in FlexiList will not be synced back to School Cockpit. 

5. How long will my lists be available on FlexiList?

Your lists will be available as long as you do not delete them. 


Have further questions about FlexiList?

Write in to us at flexilist@estl.edu.sg and we'll reply within 1-3 working days.